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1 Material/s of pipe
2 Outside Diameter of pipe and Wall thickness for each pipe OD
3 Describe the application of the pipe / tubes, eg being used in Pharma or Dairy piping etc
4 Is the cut surface to be orbital welded in the next step?
5 Is the requirement in workshop or on site?
6 What is the present method of Cutting?
7 What improvement are you looking for from your present way of Cutting?
8 Is there specific tolerance for Straightness of Cut & Cut-length, please specify.
9 Approx Number of cuts to be made per shift (8 hours).
10 What is the original length of the pipe to be cut & what is the range of cut-lengths required?
11 Expected Date of Purchase
12 Budget for new machinery.
13 Would you like to be kept informed about new products?